Situation Dialouge 1 Vocabulary

As I said in the Korean Situation Dialouge 1 I would post the breakdown of the vocabulary used in the dialouge sentences and here it is…hope its alright any thing you think I have done wrong just pop a comment and give me your opinion 🙂

If you have not read the previous post please click the link – Korean Dialouge 1, but if  you have continue reading ^_^

Annyeong-haseyo?–>>Hello; How do you do?–>>안녕하세요

Jeoneun–>>jeo I /me +neun topic particle–>>저는

+yeyo–>>am/are/is {polite}–>>예요

yeonse daehakgyo–>>Yonsei University

+eseo–>>at; in

Yeongmunhak–>>English literature

Jeongong-haeyo–>>major in


oppa–>>older brother (term used by females)–>>오빠

+ieyo–>>am/are/is {polite}–>>이에요

+imnida–>>am/are/is {formal}–>>임니다


monaesi daehakgyo–>>Monash University

gyohwan-haksaeng–>>exchange student

jeodo–>>jeo I/me +do also/too–>>저도



hangugeo–>>Korean (language)–>>한국어

hago–>>and; with



namja chingu–>>Boyfriend–>>남자 진구

+irago hamnida–>>am/is called {formal}

aniyeyo–>>am/are/is not

~~Okay thats all the vocabulary that was in Korean Dialouge 1 so happy vocab learning and thanks for reading 정말 감사함니다~~

열심히공부해요 한국어 학생~~~~♥



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