Korean Street Signs

I think that by reading Korean street signs is the bet way to memorize things and its fun truly it is ^-^ Have a go it’ll only take 1 Minute of your time, swear its worth while.

so here I have a couple of signs and as you may or may not know all signs in South Korea are written in both Hangul and (yippee) English so even if your Korean is not really great you can still know where the heck you are and not land up in the flippin Ghetto (ghetto ‘anit cool) so read on and share it with your friends ^-^


  Airport Information–>>공항종합안내

Currency Exchange–>>환전


Meeting Point (West/Arrivals)–>>만남의장소 (서측/도착층)

Meeting Point (East/Arrivals)–>>만남의장소 (동측/도착층)


Potable Water–>>마시는 물

~~~Cute signs just to look at and read alittle ^_^ ~~personally I “경잘 미워”

So~~~여러분 공부해



About kissinstar

I like having fun and I never fake it I am who I am thats the best to be ^_^

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