Korean Situation Dialouge One [Greeting and Introduction]

여러분 안녕하세요~~~~~

When you read something you understand it better so below is an animated comic in Korean depicting Greeting and Introduction in Hangul and with English translation and Korean Romanization and a breakdown of all vocabualry used in the sentences will be in a later post 🙂

Situation Dialogue One English Translation and Romanization

Paul, Minseo, Minjun and Jihun are introducing themselves.


Minseo: Annyeong-haseyo?–>>Hello,

Jeoneun ‘Kim Minseo’yeyo.–>>I’m Minseo Kim.

Yeonse daehakgyo-eseo–>>I’m majoring in English.

Yeongmunhak–>>Literature at Yonsei


Uri oppa-yeyo.–>>This is my older brother.



Minjun:  Hello–>>Annyeonghaseyo?

I’m Paul Smith.–>>‘Paul Smith’imnida.

I’m also a student from–>>Jeodo ‘Monash’ daehak

Monash University.–>>haksaeng-imnida.

I study Korean language and–>>Hangugeo-hago

economics.–>>gyeongjehak gongbu-hamnida



Jihun: Jeoneun minseo–>>I’m Minseo’s 

namja chingu–>>boyfriend,   

‘Park Jihun’irago hamnida. –>>Jihun Park

                            (Mineso squints at Jihun.)



Minseo: Namja chingu aniyeyo.–>>He’s not my boyfriend.

여러분 열심히공보해요

안녕 ~~♥♥♥


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