Basic Expressions In Korean

안녕하세요 여러분


When you really don’t know how to say anything in a new language its a little easier to be able to memorize some basic expressions, such as “Hello” “Thank You” “Excuse Me” and so on so I’m putting a little compilation.

Hello – annyounghaseyo – 안녕하세요

Thank You – kamsahapnida – 감사합니다

Excuse Me – jeogiyo – 저기요

I’m Sorry – joesonghapnida – 죄송합니다


And something I clicked on pretty quick about is when someone thanks you you don’t have to say the textbook “Your Welcome” which is  (cheon-man-eyo) just saying no in Korean (아니요) is more than enough to say you are welcome to someone. ^^ Hope that was helpful

여러분 열심히 공부해요 ^^






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